Car orders from Germany and Sweden:
If you cannot find exactly what you are looking for in our stock, we can gladly arrange a suitable car from Germany or Sweden for you. We ensure you a full keys hand service. All our imported cars are inspected to the last detail so that there are no surprises after the car is handed over. There are no confusing pricelists or hidden details.

Our full service includes:
  • Communication with the seller.
  • In person inspection of the cars condition and test drive.
  • Concluding the purchase agreement.
  • Financing the car until it arrives in Estonia (if needed).
  • Transport to Estonia.
  • Import Inspection & Registration in Estonia.
  • Valuation report for the Leasing Company (if needed).
  • Negotiations with the Leasing Company (if needed).
  • Full exterior and interior handwash before delivery to customer.
Price: 2400 EUR if the car is fully paid for in advance. 2900 EUR if the car will be bought using a Leasing Company and Carfreaks needs to finance the purchase initially. In this case we also take a 10-20% deposit (depending on car model) that is fully deducted from the total price upon final payment. We work with all Leasing Companies in Estonia. *
Commission Sales:
If you want to sell your car, but you don’t want to deal with taking pictures, creating sales ads, talking to buyers, money transfers and registration procedures, Carfreaks will do all this for you.

Our service includes:
  • Exterior & interior handwash and car preparation for photosession.
  • Taking high quality pictures of your car.
  • Creating the sales ad into and
  • All customer communication.
  • Concluding the sales agreement with the buyer.
  • Valuation Report for the Leasing Company (if needed).
  • Negotiations with the Leasing Company (if needed).

Price: Commission fee 2.5% of the full sales price with tax. For cars owned by Leasing Companies 3%. Minimum commission fee 500 EUR. Financing of residual Leasing debt 2% of the debt amount if needed. *
If a seller wishes to take their car off sale, we charge a cancellation fee of 100 EUR during the first 90 days. From there onwards an additional fee of 1,5 EUR is added for each day. If the car is not sold within the 1 year contract period and the customer does not wish to renew it, there is no charge for taking the car off sale. * can take care of washing your car (exterior & interior hand wash) each time before it's being shown to a customer. For this a fee of 22 EUR will be added to the final bill for each wash. *

Car purchase help:
Buying a car privately always comes with risk. Carfreaks can help you make sure that the car you are interested in is both cosmetically and technically sound.

Our service includes:
  • Checking the cars history in government, insurance and dealer databases.
  • Checking the car for any signs of previous accidents with special tools.
  • Checking the cars fault memory for any fault codes with special tools.
  • Checking for any signs of leaks, condition of brakes etc
  • Test drive.
Price: Within the Tallinn city boundary 100 EUR. Outside of the Tallinn city boundary a kilometre charge will be added to the price of 1.5 EUR/km (one way). If you want us to negotiate a discount, we keep 25% of the discount amount received as a commission fee. *

Car Exchange
If you dont want to waste time selling your own car, Carfreaks can buy your car in an exchange for one of our cars, and deduct the value from the purchase price of the new car.
Our quality ensuring conditions for exchange vehicles are the following:
  • Car must be under 10 years old and driven less than 200 000km
  • Car must have full service records (electronic or paper service book).
  • Car must have at least 2 keys.
  • Car must pass a technical check.
  • Exchanges against Commission Sale cars per owner’s discretion.
  * All prices include 20% VAT.
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